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Our customized solutions have helped our customers to make significant progress and lay the foundation for successful growth. FANUC, KUKA or Staubli industrial robots can be used and easy be integrated in automated solututions. We have experience in automated processes such as loading/unloading parts from plastic injection moulding machines, CNC or presses, palletizing applications, handling applications, sorting and transferring raw materials and processed materials, robot arc welding.

Defining the solution

We carry out a simulation of the technological process because productivity is directly dependent on the appropriate choice of equipment.

Software development

We adopt an integrated approach for the production line design by building those features that maximize productivity of your employees.

Production & Assembly

Thanks to in-house production of the parts used for automated cells, we can offer you full assistance to your urgent requests.

Testing & Validation

The final product is tested and validated in our workshop and then delivered only with the user’s prior agreement to comply with the projects requirements.

Users trainings

We provide basic training on system functionality and management of program notifications. The high usability software is user-friendly for operators.

Service & Guarantee

Online support with remote intervention in less than 3h and on-site intervention within 48h. Replacement of spare parts in warranty period or maintenance requests.

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Why choose INNO Robotics?


Throughout our first ten years of activity, the variety of custom projects has placed us in the position of continuously looking for innovative solutions. Which is why our team is focused on delivering performance to your business.

A plan for success

You want results, and we are able to deliver them. We approach each project as unique, carrying out a detailed analysis and, only after knowing all the requirements, we recommend the technical automation solution.

A team for you

We will build an experienced team for your project. But more than that, dedicated to the project, results oriented and proactive so that the success of your industrial robot integration is guaranteed.

Attention to details

The quality of the products and services we offer is the result of our focus on details in the key stages of the project. We place great value on communication with our partners so that no information can be lost.


The key element of a successful partnership is flexibility. Easily adapting, already integrated automated solutions, to the technological evolution of the manufacturing process, according to the needs of the business partner.

Deliver Excellence

We are more than just a supplier, we are a business partner that provides you high-performance solutions. Proof of that are the partners with whom we collaborate since the company was founded and who entrust us a valuable part of their business.

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