Our story


We aim to become the European leader in the production of CNC tending and palletizing automated solutions. In this way we want to offer stability both to our customers and to our employees.


Together with a team of fantastic people, we offer to our customers reliable products that increase their business profitability.



We work with pleasure and we learn SUPER COOL STUFF.


We are honest with each other and encourage each other's new ideas. Out of respect, we always keep our promises.


We live every moment, we deal with every situation at the highest level.


We are a young team with high ambitions. We like to be creative so we can deliver more and better.


We'll try until we get it right! We are not afraid of challenges, on the contrary, we are motivated by the diversity of projects.


We understand the needs of those around us and respect them.



The planning and optimisation of technical solution is carried out using professional tools for virtual simulation.

The work spectrum includes both process stage analysis and overall process control, maximizing productivity and efficiency and being directly dependent on the right choice of equipment. We create a so-called “virtual factory” containing three-dimensional models of production equipment and systems, working parameters of machines and interconnections between them obtaining a simulation that exactly reproduces the technological manufacturing processes.


Our mission is to ensure optimal integration of the automated cell into the production system of a factory.

That factory where hardware and software systems, even if those are from different manufacturers, interact seamlessly with each other. Because a technological process can be carried out by different technologies, whether mechanically, electrically or software, our team will study and understand the factory’s activity, the technological flow and the customer’s expectations in order to have a solid base of information to be used in the development of the project.


The need for continuous improvement is encountered at every step especially because we are in an age of speed where technology advances every day.

In order to be able to face the increasingly competition, technology is the solution that allows us to increase productivity efficiency and obtain products of a much higher quality. Thus, we come to the aid of producers by offering support for the optimization of manufacturing processes that are no longer competitive or do not meet certain desired standards, both mechanically and in terms of software and hardware.


The concept behind the execution of the project is developed by the design engineers in close collaboration with the automation engineers.

After manufacturing the products that are part of the robot cell, the equipment is assembled, the software is implemented and tested. The final product is delivered to the customer only with the customer’s prior agreement on the compliance with the project and the working parameters, followed by the installation process which consists of mounting the equipment and commissioning.


For optimal use to provide maximum productivity it is necessary to know the technical parameters

For an optimal use that provides maximum productivity it is necessary to know the technical parameters and the operation of the entire system. Therefore our specialists are ready to provide the necessary training services for the correct use of the product. All automated systems are accompanied by basic training programs that can be an introduction to the specialized training program for programmer engineers.


In any business, the equipment is an important investment that you need to take full advantage of for long-term development.

Therefore, proper and professional maintenance of the equipment prevents unexpected failures and ensures the constant operation of the entire system. We provide you with specialized technical service both during the warranty period and after the contractual warranty period.