“To me luxury means the freedom to do what I enjoy.” – Alex

Where passion combines with imagination and a love of technology, it can result nothing else but innovation. And when we think of all these, we think of Alex, manager of the Mechanical Design Department. Alex has been part of the INNO team since 2015, and his skills in designing automated solutions with industrial robots have been mostly due to his perseverance and self-taught style. The fantastic know-how he and his team have developed over time, thanks to the varied projects and challenges that came with each project.


You’ve been with the company for six years. What keeps you motivated?

Being in the company since the early years of my career, I have experienced many challenges and grown professionally with the company. This creates bonds. Also, the field and spirit of the company being so innovative and dynamic, brings new challenges from project to project. Being intrigued and passionate about what I do, this gives me the motivation I need to continue to make a positive contribution.

How do you consider your professional development and what recommendations could you pass on to colleagues or candidates for a secure promotion in a company with so much new input?

Due to diversified projects and challenges of various levels of complexity, I had the opportunity to constantly learn new things and assimilate a large amount of information in a relatively short time. As a result, to develop my professional skills.
I recommend colleagues to follow their dream, to set goals all the time, to learn from mistakes, to be motivated and to dedicate themselves in such a way that they achieve all their goals and dreams.

What do you think has been your greatest achievement since working at INNO?

The positive contribution I have been able to bring to my personal development and also to the development of the company. Besides the professional development and the knowledge I have acquired, I have had the opportunity to meet partners and collaborators, to participate in fairs and exhibitions, and I have always had access to new information in this field.

How would you describe the company’s management in three words?
Innovative, determined, capable.

What do you think would be the biggest challenge a new member of your team would have to face?
Diversity of projects and constantly adapting to changes and rapid developments in the industry.

In another article, the one for the internal magazine, you had to complete the sentence: For me luxury means…, and you continued with: …to have the freedom to be able to do what you like. I was pleasantly surprised by your answer, it is a very original one. I think it is important that this principle is applicable in both personal and professional life. And then I come up with the question: how much freedom do you have at work and what is it?

Inno Robotics gave me the confidence and freedom to apply my ideas both in projects and in the development of the department, which I appreciated from the beginning and which gave me the confidence and motivation I needed.

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