The feeling of achievement is so great!

Passion for what we do is the value that defines us as a team, and Razvan demonstrates this daily through his commitment and dedication. Passionate about machining technology, Razvan manages the team’s activity on the six CNCs. All the parts that are part of an automated solution are parts whose machining programs are developed by Razvan, the team leader of the CNC tooling department.

Razvan is a living example of the fact that everything is possible. He has always wanted to push his limits, so from CNC operator to programmer was just one step. A self-taught person, he has worked hard to develop his skills in the development of machining software, thus getting to work with the latest technologies in the field.

You’ve been with INNO Robotics for five years now. What keeps you motivated?

I am most motivated by the results I achieve. I like the fact that I have specific goals to achieve and can develop a strategy to achieve them. Together with the team we can build a plan to help us achieve the desired results. The feeling of achievement is great!

How do you consider your professional development and what recommendations could you give to colleagues or future candidates, for a successful promotion in a company with so much new input?

From the very beginning, I saw my employment at INNO Robotics as a unique opportunity to work in a company where I had real chances to learn and develop my level of professionalism. I had the support from the company in learning the latest machining technologies and using the latest equipment and software. INNO Robotics is a company that encourages professional development. Through commitment, seriousness, consistency and passion, everyone can get what they want to achieve.

Lately, the vast majority of young students, refuse a specialization in the mechanical field as locksmiths, welders, even CNC operators. What message could you give them?

They probably imagine an environment where there is not much cleanliness, dressed in overalls, greased up to the elbows. That’s not how we work anymore. Now companies are interested in providing a more welcoming working environment, equipment and machinery are adapted to the new market requirements, and therefore represent new technologies. I recommend that if they are passionate about this field, they should confidently pursue studies for specialization. The labour market is suffering from a shortage of people with such qualifications, and the monthly income of an experienced CNC operator exceeds the average wage in the economy.

What do you think has been your greatest achievement since working at INNO?

My biggest achievement has clearly been learning to use and program 5 and 6 axis CNC machines.

How would you describe the management team in three words?

Seriousness, reliability and vision.

What do you think would be the biggest challenge a new member of your team would have to face?

We are a team focused on maximum results in the shortest possible time. The challenge would be adapting to our rhythm of doing things.

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