CNC Operator

Company description

If you want this job, you should know that you will be part of a young and dynamic team, focused on results. That’s why we need an energetic and success-oriented colleague who is used to working on targets and KPIs. Our machine shop is equipped with six CNC machines (five milling machines and one lathe). The advantage for the operators is that the machines are new and equipped with the latest technology available in 2017-2019. The oldest CNC is four years old. The type of parts that are machined on our machines are small series and one-offs per shift.

It is important to have good work organization skills and to know how to organize the workspace in which you work. To have the ability to adapt to internal rules of conduct and work. We are looking for a long-term collaboration. We want to develop relationships based on trust and mutual respect. And, as most colleagues in the team say: “to work with pleasure and learn SUPER GREAT things!”. In this sense we are open to offer, to any operator with ability and desire, the possibility of professional development towards the realization of CNC programs.

Job description

The main objectives of the job:

  • Daily planning of own activity
  • Knowledge and compliance with procedures and work instructions related to the activity
  • Maintaining a good relationship with colleagues and clients
  • Respecting and promoting company values


  • Meeting planned deadlines
  • Conscientious performance of assigned tasks (number of non-conformities)
  • Propose ideas for improvement

Main responsibilities:

  • Before starting work, check that the machine is working properly and report faults if necessary
  • Enters and checks the machine program according to the geometry of the part to be machined
  • Choose appropriate tools and prepare them for processing
  • Rigidly mounts fixtures for fastening parts and blanks to the worktable to ensure safe operation
  • Load the program into the numerical control of the machine tool and check the correctness of the program by simulations
  • Periodically measures the parts made and acts in case of non-conformities
  • Monitors tool wear and its influence on accuracy
  • Correct the adjustment or replace the tool according to the parameters obtained
  • Evacuate the splinters and spit and store them in special containers
  • Check, with gauges or directly visually, the quality of the machined surfaces,
    according to the technological instructions and check with specific measuring devices the dimensions of the machined parts comparing them with the ones written in the technical drawing
  • Handles and stores materials, semi-finished products and SDVs by type, according to the technological destination, in specially arranged spaces


  • At least three years of experience as a CNC milling/turning Operator
  • Thorough knowledge of technical drawing
  • Knowledge about materials, tools and tolerances
  • Ability to use various measuring devices
  • Ability to operate within machine schedule and correct errors
  • Knowledge about basic preventive maintenance of CNC machines (types of daily checks, cleaning, operation)
  • Qualification in the field is an advantage

What we offer?

We offer: a continuously improving mix of an experienced, growing, reliable, and well structured company with a friendly team where every idea counts.

Working in industrial robot automation offers competitive salary benefits and ample opportunities for professional development. Remuneration is attractive, and as you advance in your career, you can earn significant bonuses. In addition, technologies in this field are constantly evolving, providing opportunities for continuous learning and adapting to new trends. Developing technical and sales skills is facilitated, and extensive networking can open doors to future opportunities.

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