Electrician - industrial automation

If you want this job, you should know that you will be part of a young and dynamic team, focused on results. That’s why we need an energetic and success-oriented colleague who is used to working on targets and KPIs. 70% of the work will be done at INNO Robotics. In our production shop the product is prepared for delivery to the customer. 30% of the total activity takes place at the customer’s premises in order to commission the equipment.

It is important to have good work organization skills and to know how to organize the workspace in which you work. To have the ability to adapt to internal rules of conduct and work. We are looking for a long term collaboration. We want to develop relationships based on trust and mutual respect. And, as most colleagues in the team say: “to work with pleasure and learn SUPER GREAT things!”. In this sense, we offer you the support to accumulate knowledge about the equipment used in the field of industrial automation, still considered a niche field in Romania.

Job description

  • Daily planning of own activity
  • Knowledge and compliance with procedures and work instructions related to the activity
  • Maintaining a good relationship with colleagues and clients
  • Respecting and promoting company values
  • Meeting planned deadlines
  • Conscientious performance of assigned tasks (number of non-conformities)
  • Propose ideas for improvement
  • assembles electrical panels;
  • prepares the material and equipment requirements, with everything necessary to carry out the project;
  • Fit (wiring connections) electrical equipment according to documentation and wiring diagram;
  • prepares and installs cable beds;
  • cuts/crops materials using flex or profile cutting machine;
  • inspect connections in accordance with the technological instruction or work procedure;
  • ensure that the materials chosen are in accordance with the scheme of work;
  • check the quality of materials and equipment according to technical standards;
  • handles the pallet truck in accordance with internal instructions and training by authorised persons;
  • travels to the customer’s site to install electrical equipment on a project.
  • Minimum three years experience as an electrician in an industrial environment
  • Thorough knowledge of reading and interpreting wiring diagrams
  • Experience in the production of electrical panels according to the electrical project
  • Equipment knowledge: sensors, converters, motors, components in electrical panels
  • Qualification in the field is an advantage
  • Willing to travel
  • Driving licence
  1. It’s a real opportunity for professional advancement
  2. INNO Robotics appreciates and promotes performance
  3. Through our niche activity, you will have the opportunity to be part of the world’s top innovative companies.

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