We offer mechanical machining services using the most innovative equipment on the market

We have as one of the main activities metal manufacturing by various processes: turning, milling, laser cutting and metal bending. We are using last generation technology with brand new CNC machines, so we guarantee the product quality and execution deadlines. As an example, to produce large series parts we have automated milling machines that are assisted by industrial robots so they can work in three shifts per day offering a great productivity and constant quality of products.
For the unique parts production we have specialized personnel that are trained to develop the optimum technological process manufacturing using dedicated software’s.

Metal manufacturing includes cutting process for materials like: aluminum, stainless steel and steel. The latest generation of CNC 3 and 5 axes milling machines can produce complex geometry for your products with maximum dimensions of L=1000 mm, l=600 mm and h=500 mm.

Turning operations are able for part of maximum 700 mm lenght and 300 mm in diameter. Series production has an certain advantage regarding precision and operation time line because the lathe is equipet with two spindels for manufacturing.

Material cutting and sheet bending are performed on the laser cutting machine and bending machine respectively, the equipment having the following characteristics:

Laser cutting machine parameters:

steel: 0.8 – 25 mm
stainless steel: 0.8 – 25 mm
aluminum: 0.8 – 25 mm
coper: 0.8 – 12 mm
brass: 0.8 – 12 mm
titanium: 0.8 – 10 mm

Work table domensions: axis X 3000 mm; axis Y 1500 mm; axis Z 80 mm;
Positioning precision: min 0.1mm;
Repetability precision: +/- 0.1mm.

Bending machine parameters:

Bending lenght: 3140 mm;
Maximum stroke: 200 mm;
Distance between side stands: 2700 mm;
Precision of traverse: +/- 0.01; mm;
Bending force: 1.300 kN;
Precision repetability during bending: between +/- 0.1 mm and +/- 0.01 mm.

The advantages you may gain in working with us are certain and delivered because of the latest technology trends and also on the fact that we offer complete solutions for parts manufacturing. For small and large series production we implemented automated processes with industrial robots, process that can easy deliver cost savings, constant quality and optimum time line manufacturing. Our specialized employees with years of experience can realize complex geometries so you can rely on our know-how also on difficult projects. And as an complete solutions for your products apply surface threatments thanks to our partners specialized in processes such as: hardening, nitration, cementation, annealing.

So, if you are looking a long-term collaborator to produce your metal parts that you need for your business either it is automotive industry, electronics, foundry, or others Inno Robotics can be your trusted partner.

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