Robotic Machine Tending Cells

The automation of CNC’s loading and unloading process can be approached from two perspectives: the adaptation of a standard product or the development of a customized solution for CNC tending with industrial robots. The robotic automated solution for machine tending is chosen in consultation with customer. This way enables us to get maximum productivity from the machines. Our standard tending solutions are time-optimized models. Thus, we currently offer the best quality-price ratio on the market.

This type of product can easily adapt to process changes without the need for major investments. Depending on the model chosen, CNC tending cells can serve up to eight machine tools. They can easily handle small batches of parts and combinations of batches within the same machining process. If you want an instant solution for automation of your production process, we guarantee a reliable product at the highest quality standards.

LoadPro TS

LoadPro TS robotic CNC & machine tending cell
The smallest of the LoadPro range, the robotic automated solution for tending machine tools LoadPro TS has been specially designed to be easily transferred from one machine to another. It is very flexible to process and product changes. Therefore, there is no need to make a major financial investment to modify the production specification to the new market needs. The automation of CNC machine tending processes, even if they are milling machines or lathes, will be immediately reflected in the profit value. LoadPro TS is the solution you need to boost productivity and ensure consistent quality of manufactured products.

LoadPro 2M

LoadPro 2M robotic CNC & machine tending cell
LoadPro 2M is perfect for loading milling cutters and lathes on which series or combined series products are manufactured. It has the capacity to assist two CNC machine tools and can handle the same type of parts on both machines or different parts if necessary. LoadPro 2M is the ideal option where machining time is greater than or equal to 2 minutes. The absolute novelty is the fact that it can simultaneously support a mill and a lathe. The industrial robot model options are varied. You can choose any of the manufacturers: FANUC, KUKA or Staubli.

LoadPro 4M

LoadPro 4M robotic CNC & machine tending cell
The LoadPro 4M CNC robotic tending solution has been developed for loading lathes and milling machines with machining cycle times of more than 5 minutes / machine. This phenomenal solution can attend between 4 and 8 CNC machines, even when different kind of parts are machined on each machine. The industrial robot model options are varied. It is possible to choose any of the manufacturers: FANUC, KUKA or Staubli.

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