LoadPro 2M

Get your production moving with the new automated CNC machine tending system. The automated solution with industrial robots for tending two CNC machine tools.The absolute novelty is that LoadPro 2M can simultaneously feed a milling machine and a lathe. LoadPro 2M is the perfect solution for tending applications for series products and even combined series. It can be used in processes where the machining time is greater than or equal to 2 minutes/CNC machine. The degree of flexibility is increased because the system easily adapts to changes of the technological process. In this way, there is no need for considerable investment to face the constantly changing needs of the market.

Advantages & Benefits

It serves two machine tools simultaneously. These machines can be either milling machines, lathes, grinding machines, etc.

It handles parts from 0.3 kg to 150 kg. The robot is chosen according to the specific machines characteristics.

No interruptions in the machine tending process so manufacturing cycle times are significantly reduced.

Different types of parts can be processed in the same milling or turning machine.

The external parts cleaning system helps to remove spackle and emulsion.

To make the process more efficient it is possible to equip the cell with visual and part measurement systems.

The robotic cell design allows easy access for maintenance and servicing.

The robot cell is designed to provide guaranteed safety for employees operating the equipment.

Capacities and Specifications

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