LoadPro 4M

Get your production moving with the new automated CNC machine tending system. This phenomenal solution can serve between four and eight CNC machine tools. Even when each machine processes different parts or we have different types of machining: turning, milling, grinding. We can include visual inspection phases for quality control and therefore scraps can be removed from the production line. The LoadPro 4M robotic automated solution has been developed for tending lathes and milling machines with machining cycle times of more than 5 min/machine. Automation of the turning processes not only facilitates the optimization of the production flows, but also offers flexibility to new market requirements, in order to keep ahead of the competition. The options for industrial robot model are various. One can choose any of the manufacturers: Fanuc, KUKA or Staubli.

Advantages & Benefits

Serves up to eight machine tools simultaneously. These machines can even be either milling machines, lathes, grinding machines

It handles parts from 0.3 kg to 150 kg. The robot is chosen according to the specifics characteristics of the machines.

No interruptions in the machine tending process so manufacturing cycle times are significantly reduced.

Different types of parts can be processed in the same milling or turning machine.

The external parts cleaning system helps to remove spackle and emulsion.

To make the process more efficient it is possible to equip the cell with visual and part measurement systems.

The robotic cell design allows easy access for maintenance and servicing.

The robot cell is designed to provide guaranteed safety for employees operating the equipment.

Capacities and Specifications

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