LoadPro TS

Start your production running with the new automated CNC machine tending system. LoadPro TS is a standard product, specifically designed for automation of machining processes. The automated CNC tending system can serve: lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, EDM machines or presses.The major advantage is the increased machining efficiency, because in a single process the following takes place: picking, feeding, unloading, cleaning, measuring and even video inspection of parts. The system is easily adaptable to process changes regarding the type of parts produced and can be quickly installed on a new CNC machine. The installation footprint is only 2.2 sqm. The robotic cell does not need fencing or other protection. A sensor marks the limits of the robot’s area of action, and as soon as the human operator enters the sensor perimeter, the robot stops. LoadPro TS comes with an operating training for the user.

Advantages & Benefits

The solution has been designed to be manageable by operators with zero background in robotics.

The operator only has to set the characteristics of the parts and the program will be generated automatically.

Because there are no interruptions in the machine tending process, cycle times are significantly shortened.

Different forms of workpieces can be processed in the same milling or turning process.

Even if small batches of parts are machined, there is the possibility to be produced on the same CNC machine without interruption.

A batch of different parts can be placed on each tray. Thus, 4 different batches can be combined on the same process.

The external parts cleaning system helps to remove spackle and emulsion.

The installed area is only 2.2 sqm, which saves space used in the production area.

To optimize the process efficiency there is the possibility to provide visual and part measurement systems.

Regardless of the shape of the parts or blanks, this cell has the ability to handle them without problems.

Capacities and Specifications

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