Robotic Palletizing Cells

PalletPro is the perfect solution for all types of palletizing. No matter what type of product needs to be palletized, PalletPro is the perfect choice. We have developed standardized applications for palletizing sacks, buckets, boxes and beverage cartons.

Each time we start from the idea: “Everything should be easier and more efficient with PalletPro“. All palletizing applications are designed in such a way that they can be easily connected to existing factory traceability systems. The automated applications can be delivered with industrial robots from FANUC, KUKA or ABB, so that the most advantageous solution can be chosen without compromises.

PalletPro XS

PalletPro XS robotic bag palletizing system
Compact automated robotic solution for palletizing sacks. Regardless of the type of product inside the sack, PalletPro XS offers you the possibility to palletize up to 515 sacks per hour. With PalletPro XS you can palletize sacks of: sugar, flour, cement, sand or any other material. This innovative solution has been specially developed for high productivity, regardless of the weight handled. It has a wide range of optional equipment. In this way you can benefit of a perfect solution adapted to your needs.

PalletPro XG

PalletPro XG robotic pail palletizing system
The PalletPro XG pail palletizing system is suitable for production processes where product weights are 5 kg or more and high palletizing speed is required. PalletPro XG has an impressive palletizing capacity. Up to six rows of pallets can be stacked per minute. Even with products over 50 kg, the palletizing speed remains constant without affecting productivity.

PalletPro XC

carton box palletizing with Palletpro XC

End-of-line palletising with this system is an advantageous solution for cardboard factories, bringing with it improvements in efficiency, safety and productivity.

Automated palletising solutions are designed to be easily adaptable to different sizes and types of cardboard. Thus, they fit the changing needs of production cardboard plants.

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