PalletPro XS - bag palletizing

Compact robotic cell for palletizing sacks. Regardless of the type of product inside the sack, PalletPro XS offers you the possibility to palletize up to 515 sacks per hour in standard configuration. With PalletPro XS you can palletize sacks of: sugar, flour, glue, cement, sand or any other material. This cell has been specially developed for high productivity, regardless of the weight handled. The robot cell has a wide range of additional equipment options. This way you can benefit of the perfect solution adapted to your needs.

Advantages & Benefits

The concept is designed to be used by operators without robotics knowledge.

With full process automation, up to 50% of workspace can be saved.

The uninterrupted process is guaranteed 24 hours a day. Shutdowns are only those scheduled for maintenance purposes.

Access to the equipment in the cell is easy. Maintenance times are short: 15min/24h and 3h/6months.

By automating the process we have the possibility to make taller pallets, thus reducing the footprint.

Automation with industrial robots offers process flexibility. The system can easily adapt to production changes.

The palletising applications are in that way designed so that they can be connected to existing factory traceability systems.

It is minimized the risk of work accidents and occupational diseases caused by repetitive strain and work.

Capacities and Specifications

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