Robotic Welding Cells

Be a step ahead of your competitors and invest smartly! We offer two ranges of fully automated products for robotic welding: one is robotic arc welding, WeldPro range, and the other is robotic laser welding, LaserMaxx. Robotic welding solutions suitable for mass production.

Both arc welding and laser welding offer unique advantages and are proper for different applications. Arc welding provides strength, flexibility, affordability and reliability while laser welding excels in precision, speed and non-contact capabilities. The choice between these techniques depends on the specific requirements of the welding project and the materials involved.

WeldPro Mini

WeldPro Mini robotic arc welding cell

The WeldPro Mini robotic welding cell has a compact design and is suitable for welding small components. It is the ideal option for companies looking to implement robotic welding at an attractive price.

Because sometimes is difficult to make large investments in all areas of production, we have developed a product that increases the productivity of the welding process and at the same time is the most competitively priced on the market. WeldPro Mini will maintain a high quality of welded products. No programming or welding knowledge is required. We offer you the necessary support at all times.

WeldPro HP

WeldPro HP robotic arc welding cell

WeldPro HP is ideal in applications where cycle time is essential. Thanks to the indexable table system, the efficiency of the robotic welding cell increases to 95% of the total working time.

WeldPro HP is specially developed for medium size parts and high volume parts. Arc availability is 95% of total working time, which means fantastic production efficiency. While the robot welds on one side of the table, on the other side, the operator unloads the welded parts and loads other workpieces. Everything occurs in synchrony. The table rotating speed is phenomenally short, only 4.35 seconds. The operator’s working area is equipped with four sensors that guarantee safe operation of the cell.

WeldPro Maxx

WeldPro Maxx robotic arc welding cell

WeldPro Maxx is the high productivity robotic welding cell. It includes two industrial robots that ensure high performances in the automated welding process.

Time is everything most of the time. It is necessary to produce large volumes in a very short time, and this is challenging. WeldPro Max has been specially designed to maximise arc time. The two robots weld in tandem, while, on the other side of the table, the operators unload the welded part(s) and load the workpiece(s). This robotic welding cell has been specially designed for large parts with numerous welding cords and volumes of at least 75,000 parts per year.


Lasermaxx robotic laser welding cell

LaserMaxx robotic laser welding cell is designed for companies whose production processes require high quality and a high degree of precision of welded parts. The LaserMaxx laser welding process is with and without filler material in the form of metal wire and can be used for welding components made of metal materials of different thicknesses.

The LaserMaxx robotic laser welding system is designed to be highly adaptable to different types of processes: welding with or without filler material, welding of parts with different geometries. In this way, when changing the type of product, no major investment in new equipment is required.

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