Robotic Arc Welding Cells

Be a step ahead of your competitors and invest smartly. We are come to you and to the welded assemblies manufacturers with an innovative product. WeldPro is a complete automated welding solution. The robotic welding cell is a standard product, specially designed for arc welding processes of series products.

Depending on the type of existing production, we have created three series products with incredible performance. WeldPro can be easily adapted to the changing type of manufactured parts. From small series production to high volume production, we can provide the necessary equipment to automate the welding process. We have designed this product to provide flexibility for production changes. It can be easily reprogrammed for new production parts if necessary.

WeldPro Mini

WeldPro Mini robotic arc welding cell

Small-component welding is a good fit for the compact design of the WeldPro Mini robotic welding cell. For businesses looking to implement robotic welding at a competitive price, it is the best choice.

As it can be challenging to allocate significant resources to every aspect of production, we have created a product that boosts welding productivity while maintaining the lowest possible price on the market. WeldPro Mini will continue to produce welded goods of the highest caliber. Programming or welding expertise is not necessary. We provide you with the required assistance at all times.

WeldPro HP

WeldPro HP robotic arc welding cell

For applications where cycle time is crucial, WeldPro HP is the best choice. The robotic welding cell’s efficiency rises to 95% of the total working time as a result of the indexable table system.

Medium-sized and high-volume parts are the focus of WeldPro HP‘s development. With arc availability accounting for 95% of total working time, production efficiency is outstanding. On one side of the table, the operator loads other workpieces and unloads the welded parts while the robot welds on the other. Everything happens at the perfect time. The table rotates at an astonishingly fast pace – just 4.35 seconds. Four sensors installed in the operator’s work area ensure the cell operates safely.

WeldPro Maxx

WeldPro Maxx robotic arc welding cell

WeldPro Maxx is a robotic welding cell that has a high level of productivity. It comes equipped with two industrial robots, each of which contributes to the system’s high level of performance in the automated welding process.

Most of the time, time is everything. The production of large volumes in a relatively short amount of time is required, and this presents a challenge. The arc time that can be achieved with WeldPro Max has been optimized through careful design. While the operators on the other side of the table unload the welded part(s) and load the workpiece(s), the two robots work together to perform the welding process. This robotic welding cell has been specifically designed for large parts with a large number of welding cords and the capacity to produce at least 75,000 parts annually.

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