WeldPro Mini

Compact robotic cell for welding small parts. The footprint for installation is only 3.5 sqm with a generous working space of 0.96 sqm. The WeldPro Mini is the perfect solution for companies who want to automate the welding process at an attractive price. It is the ideal robotic automation option because it delivers immediate results without the need for major financial investment. WeldPro Mini is specially developed to increase productivity and maintain constant quality of welded products. It requires no programming or welding knowledge. We offer you the necessary support at all times.

Advantages & Benefits

The solution has been designed to be used by operators without specialisation in robotics and welding.

With the help of the point learning device, the robot can be easily reprogrammed to weld a new piece.

With robotic welding, the quality of the welding cords will be significantly improved. Pores and cracks are eliminated.

It minimizes the amount of welding spatter that occurs during the welding process, so cleaning parts is not necessary.

The user-friendly interface of welding programs allows frequent changes of part type.

The shape and dimensions of the cell have been designed in such a way as to save as much space as possible in the production area.

Avoids situations arising from work accidents, downtime, reworked parts, personnel turnover, etc.

All welded parts will look identical and will have the same properties. There will be no differences in aspect and quality.

Capacities and Specifications

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