Robotic Laser Welding Cells

Robotic laser welding is an innovative and efficient method of processing metal materials and is increasingly used in various industries. The use of laser sources in various welding machining applications is a reliable and highly efficient solution as it increases the processing speed of components by 3 to 10 times compared to traditional TIG/WIG welding processes and reduces the production of reworked parts to a minimum.

As a non-contact process, fibre lasers require low maintenance and offer high welding speeds. The laser beam is very precise and has a low heat input, which minimises material damage. All the solutions developed by INNO Robotics have as their main goal the reduction of energy consumption and the elimination of polluting emissions, as a strategy for the development of a sustainable circular economy.


Lasermaxx robotic laser welding cell

The LaserMaxx robotic laser welding cell has been engineered to cater to the needs of companies that demand superior quality and exceptional precision in their welded components during production processes. The LaserMaxx laser welding process can be performed with or without the use of filler material, such as metal wire or metal powder. This technique is suitable for welding various metal components, regardless of their varying thicknesses.

The LaserMaxx robotic laser welding system has been specifically engineered to exhibit a high degree of adaptability, enabling it to effectively accommodate various types of processes. These processes encompass both filler and non-filler material welding, as well as the welding of components possessing different geometries. In this manner, the need for substantial capital expenditure on new equipment is obviated when transitioning to a different product category.

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