Automated welding with or without added material ensures a precise and high quality result and is considered a fast and increasingly used process to obtain welds of impressive accuracy. Modern robotic laser welding equipment is equipped with sensors to monitor and control optimized laser energy providing micron-level tolerances. At the same time, such a robotic laser welding cell offers a high degree of autonomy: robotic laser welding systems are designed to work independently, without the need for human intervention during processing. The major advantage is that there is no need for further processing of the weld bead, ensuring the required quality.

Advantages & Benefits

The welding speed is fast and can be scaled to each application by adjusting the laser power.

Fiber lasers can weld a wide range of metals like copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and dissimilar metals.

The process is precise and easy to control, making it highly repeatable.

The lasers are operated by a controller, making them easy to automate with robots. LaserMaxx is also a product that can easily adapt to process changes.

The welding process is non-contact and requires less costs for maintenance.

Efficient use of the energy results in low heat input and causes minimal heat deformation on material part.

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