Terms of Service

The following Terms of Service regulate the use of the website www.inno-robotics.com (hereinafter called the “Site”). The accessing of this Site and the use of the services entails that you agree to comply with these Terms of Service. If you do not agree with the terms of service or any part of them, you may not use this Site.

INNO Robotics SRL, operates, controls, manages and is liable for this Site.

These Terms of Service may be, in individual cases, supplemented, altered or replaced by subsequent specific terms and conditions of the company INNO Robotics, especially related to the products and/or services offer.

1. Copyright and right of use

The content and structure of the Site are copyright protected. This applies both to the structure of the Site and to any and all the functionalities, information, data, texts, photographs and audio materials included in the Site, as well as to all the components used in order to make sure that the pages of the Site are operational. Except for the case when the user uses extended services regulated by special conditions, the information and the content may be used within the limits defined by the functions offered on the Site. If a content of the Site is accessible for download or printing, INNO Robotics awards the user a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right for personal and non-commercial usage. This right does not allow the user to use the content of the Site for commercial purposes, but the user has to use the content in order to make a commercial decision, such as initiating the negotiations with INNO Robotics regarding the INNO Robotics products promoted on the Site. As far as all the other aspects are concerned, the user does not obtain rights for or related to the content, the materials, the programs or components of the Site, except for the case when it is otherwise authorized by INNO Robotics.

The user:

  • must not alter, remove the approval regarding the copyright or other private approvals included in the content;
  • must not alter the content in any way and must not reproduce or publicly display, interpret, share or use in any other way the content for public or commercial purpose;
  • must not transfer the content to any third party;
  • must not use this Site in any way which causes or may cause the damaging of the Site or affect the availability or accessibility of the Site; or in any way that is illicit, fraudulent, illegal or harmful etc. or related to such purpose or activity.

 2. Trade names and logos

The trade names and logos used on the Site are legally protected. Consequently, it is not allowed to use these trade names and logos without the prior approval of their rightful owners.

3. Liability for information, content and availability

If not otherwise explicitly mentioned, the supplied information and the content are not legally binding offer forcing the company INNO Robotics to conclude a contract. Therefore, any description of the products or services must not be understood as an offer which may be accepted in a way that entails contractual obligations automatically.

By displaying information, INNO Robotics does not offer advice and it does not recommend or request the purchase of any product or service either. The supplied information only has the role to help the users make independent decisions, on their own, about the opportunity of a certain product or service for a certain purpose.

The site, the information and content on it are carefully compiled. INNO Robotics intends to make sure that the entire content and all the information supplied on the Site is updated and correct. However, it may not be entirely excluded that the respective content and the respective information supplied are incorrect or not up to date. Consequently, INNO Robotics is not liable for the opportunity, precision or complete character of the content and information supplied on the Site, especially about the price or the information about the products. Also, INNO ROBOTICS does not give any guarantee that the respective content and the respective information are deprived of faults or that they are appropriate for a certain purpose. Relying on such opinions, advice, statements, note or information is done at your own risk.

4. Hyperlinks and third-party websites

For your convenience, INNO Robotics may supply links to websites operated by third-parties (such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook). All these links were examined in detail by us before being activated. However, we cannot exclude the possibility that the respective suppliers perform subsequent alterations on the content, which is the reason why we will not undertake responsibility for the content of the websites of other suppliers to which there are links. We especially do not guarantee that the respective content of these websites is updated, correct and complete. If you decide to visit a website to which there are links, do this at your own risk and you have the responsibility to take all the protection measures against viruses or other harmful items.

However, please notify the company INNO Robotics immediately if you detect illegal, inappropriate or incorrect content or information on the websites to which there are links.
INNO Robotics does not guarantee, not undertake any commitment or target the website for which there are links or the information which appears on them, or the products or services presented in them. The links do not entail the fact that INNO Robotics or this Site sponsor, target, is related or associated or legally authorized to use the trademarks, the trade names, the logo or the symbol for copyright displayed or accessible through the links and do not entail the fact that the websites for which there are links are authorized to use the trademarks, the trade names, the logo or the symbol for the copyright of the company INNO Robotics or its related parties or branches.

It is strictly forbidden to create framework links or links inserted from other websites on the Site without the prior written approval of the company INNO Robotics. You do not have the permission, especially, to use a hyperlink or to include or display the Sites or their content in a framework.

5. Information supplied by you

INNO Robotics does not wish that you send confidential or prvate information to INNO Robotics through the Site and you must not do this. You accept the fact that the information or materials supplied to INNO Robotics by you or the persons acting on your behalf will not be considered confidential or private. By supplying such information or materials to INNO Robotics, you give INNO Robotics an unrestricted, irrevocable, international, no royalties license to use, reproduce, display, publicly interpret, send, alter and share this information and these materials and you also agree to the fact that INNO Robotics is free to use the ideas, concepts or know-how supplied to INNO Robotics by you or the persons acting on your behalf. You also confirm the fact that INNO Robotics does not want you to send information or materials to INNO Robotics which contain slander, threats, obscenities, harassment or which are otherwise illicit or include private materials of other persons and you guarantee the fact that you will not send such information or materials. INNO Robotics reserves the right to remove such content from the Site.

6. Limitation of liability

INNO Robotics is liable for bodily harm, damages or losses caused by the illicit intended conduct or serious negligence. Any other liability of the company INNO Robotics, including especially, without limitation, the liability for damages or losses caused by minor negligence, will be excluded to the maximum possible limit allowed by the applicable legal norms.

Notwithstanding the previous provisions, the culpability of the user – especially the lack of providing cooperation services, organizational errors, inappropriate backup copying of the data or violation of other contractual obligations – reduces the value of the requested damages.

7. Alterations

INNO Robotics may terminate, alter, suspend or interrupt any aspect of the website, including the availability of some of its functions, at any time. Also, INNO Robotics may impose limits for certain functions and services or may restrict your access to the Site without notice.
INNO Robotics reserves the right to alter these Terms of Service at regular times, at its own wish. If you continue to use the Site, it means that you accept any alteration of these Terms of Service.

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