Sometimes time is everything. It needs to be produced large volumes in a very short time, and this is difficult. WeldPro Maxx is the high productivity robotic welding cell. It consists of two industrial robots that ensure an optimal solution of the welding process.

WeldPro Maxx has been specially designed to maximize arc welding efficiency. Get your production moving with WeldPro Maxx and be one step ahead of the competition.

Advantages & Benefits

With the integrated two robots in the cell, large parts can be welded with a minimum productivity of 75,000 pieces/year.

Thanks to the generous working space, long parts with a length up to 2200 mm and a width of 800 mm can be welded.

With robotic welding, the quality of the welding cords will be significantly improved. Pores and cracks are eliminated.

It minimizes the amount of welding spatter that occurs during the welding process, so cleaning parts is not necessary.

Avoids situations arising from work accidents, downtime, reworked parts, personnel turnover, etc.

All welded parts will look identical and will have the same properties. There will be no differences in aspect and quality.

Capacities and Specifications

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